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Peter's Gardening Tips for November

A huge change in the weather. Autumn mists, rain, frosts... shorter days and loads of leaves to make compost with!

If you can make use of this free bonanza. Loose chicken wire cages work well for storage and composting.
Use a rotary mower to hoover up the leaves, raise the deck.
Net ponds,leaving an area open for the birds to drink and bathe.
Blow leaves under hedges to decay naturally thereby giving the hedge a feed. Good for wildlife too.
Last cut hopefully.
Clean the underneath of the mower before putting it away.
Spike or aerate any wet or bald areas.
Last chance to treat for moss and autumn lawn feed.
Vegetables and Fruit:
Cut down asparagus plants. Weed and mulch generously.
Plant broadbean seeds if your soil isn't too cold and wet or else leave until spring.
Garlic plant now.
Dig over roughly, let the weather break up heavy soil.
Mulch raised beds with compost.
Planting Time for fruit trees, bushes,canes. Bare root if you can get them- much cheaper.
Grab some time out for a walk..... Fungi, mosses, the birds and the wildlife all busy. The light is fabulous in woods now.
Kick a few leaves!
If the weather is foul order seed catalogues and plan for next season.
Happy Gardening
Regards Peter.

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