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Pests, Diseases, Weeds and Disorders



These are generally bugs,beasties,animals and birds. Most are insects,flies,beetles and caterpillars. Some are beneficial and help control the bad guys, so it is imperative to get the balance right in a garden and not reach for the insecticide first. Look at the bigger picture. If I kill the greenfly will I kill ladybirds, harm baby blue tits and house sparrows babies which are fed on greenfly or aphids. 
Protection of plants against  pests or encouraging other wildlife into the garden to improve the ecosystem and biodiversity will not only help control the pests,but enhance your whole garden and well-being.


Plant diseases are caused by living organisms, which are transferred from plant to plant. Most are fungi and can be controlled by Preventative spraying. It is more difficult to control the problem once it has taken hold on the plant. Other diseases can be caused by viruses or bacteria, these tend to be difficult to control, and not by spraying. Honey fungus is one of the worst diseases in a garden and there is little control, so plant resistant plants instead.


The classic saying in gardening is "A plant out of place is a weed"! It's the plants natural way of colonising bare earth or ground, sometimes nature produces spectacular results which are better than we can produce. Having said that Japanese knot weed is the worst weed you can have in a garden,causing mortgages or the sale of a house to fall through! Control can take time 18-24 months - not a quick fix.
Many "Weeds" are troublesome and need a degree of understanding to control,so again you don't have to always reach for the weedkiller sprayer. Please use separate sprayers - one for weedkilling and Label It, the other for insecticides and fungicides. Control of some weeds can be as simple as regular hoeing on dry sunny days. Others mean a long battle!

Disorders or Odds and Ends

This category is for  "What the weather throws at us" ! Flooding, drought, frost, the excesses. Plants find it difficult to cope with like us and nature. Plants can drown, frazzle,freeze, damaged by wind, lightning, hail,crushed.... It is the power of regeneration I find amazing if you have the patience. The weather or external forces can destroy too,-1987 Storm and more recent ones have wreaked havoc. Always a shock but you can replant and create a new design or garden.

If you find something that troubles you and requires help please contact me. If I Can't help I know someone who can!

Resolving gardening problems is something I relish and the answers are not always clear cut, sometimes very surprising, it's like a game of who did it?