Garden Advice & Consultancy

Garden consultancy sounds a bit grand, its really about me helping you with any gardening problems or queries you may have.  With over 30 years of gardening experience and 15 years of gardening radio broadcasting I just love passing on my own expertise.

To my mind its not just about the plants but also how your garden works for you and your family, this may include encouraging wildlife, scent, all year-round colour interest, structure, fruit & vegetables, and advice with getting your garden under control to include any pests or disease problems.

The garden is often the largest room of the property and often not used to its full potential for entertaining, recreation and relaxation.

I offer a consultancy service for you and your garden, maybe I can help you if you are new to gardening, here are some typical areas of the garden that I have helped with:


  • Have you got a lawn looking tired?
  • Wisteria and Roses coming in through the windows, under the tiles and behind the downpipes?
  • Lack of scent in your garden?
  • Redesign of the garden?
  • Too much shade and lack of flowers?
  • Fruit trees non-productive and out of control?
  • Need colour for a Big Birthday or Wedding Party?
  • Overgrown garden, shrubs too big?
  • Blank canvas and don’t know what to plant where?
  • Weeds, pest and disease problems?
  • Don’t know the names of plants?
  • How do I encourage birds and wildlife into the garden?
  • Where can I find an unusual plant to buy?
  • Dealing with climate change flooding or drought in your garden?
  • Can I grow fruit and vegetables?
  • Where can I grow a wildflower meadow?
  • Adapting to changing needs: children, mobility, reducing the level of maintenance?