Garden Experience

Over the years this has just evolved, completely unintentionally. Through visiting friends and family or invites, I’ve ended up walking around a garden as a Garden Doctor, Advisor or giving a Garden Appraisal, Peter what shall I do with this area? I can’t grow anything here, what do you suggest? How do I get rid of that? When do I prune my Wisteria, Apple trees? How can I make good compost? Look at this plant its gone beserk! Why has this plant died? Where can I get a ‘So & So’ plant/tree? Will this grow here? Can I move this plant and when? My radish and spinach keep bolting and why? How can I control algae in my pond? Which plants attract bees and butterflies? Why don’t the birds come into our garden? I could go on………….!

As a result of this and for anybody with a garden, you can buy my time for a ‘Garden Experience’, which will offer you a minimum two hours visiting your own garden or for somebody else as a present. I walk the garden with its owner, they can ask me non-stop questions and I will answer as accurately as I can! I will also point out any problems I can see or suggest remedies for plants. It can also take the form of encouraging wildlife, naming of plants, sourcing of plants or picking my brains for contacts, it’s my time you are investing in so go on pick my grey cells.