Supplying & Finding Plants for Customers

Tracking down Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Fruit Trees and Unusual Plants has been part of my life for a very long time and I thoroughly enjoy it too. Over the last thirty years I’ve always looked for plants that inspire me, thrive well, perform and deliver. That has meant a lot of leg work walking around nurseries to supply the garden centres I managed in the past or sourcing for planting schemes for clients and private properties or individuals.

Finding the perfect plant for a specific place as any Chelsea, Hampton Court or Garden Designer is almost like looking for a ‘Holy Grail’ sometimes, only the best will do!! It’s a knack and something I am proud of!
So if you are wanting to find a plant or tree to blot out a neighbours house, wanting an instant impact plant for a focal point or to celebrate an important calendar event, birth, birthday, anniversary or even to remember a loved one then please ask.

Plants have always been and will be sentimental for memories or periods in our lives. I’ve planted trees when the children were born and when I lost my father or other relations or close friends. I can only advise, help and source from reputable nurseries I have dealt with over the years, one customer wanted instant trees because he had just moved and reached 70 years old, ‘I haven’t got time to see them grow, can you find me instant trees please Peter’, words to that effect! He is 80 now and the trees are fine too!!